Friday, June 2, 2023

CARC WSPR Challenge 2023 May Results

Here are the results for May 2023. First I will present the abbreviated results and then the detail results for those that want to know who worked what station and squares. If anyone needs to be added to the list of participants, then please let me know.

I will start to produce the accumulated results shortly.



Tx Category

Posn Call Stns SQ Score

1 M0TZZ 346 193 66778

2 M0WID 227 137 31099

3 G4PEO 205 129 26445

4 2E0XDZ 186 113 21018

5 M0HQM 105 69 7245

6 M0IJP 108 63 6804

7 G3YSX 48 35 1680

Rx Category

Posn Call Stns SQ Score

1 M0TZZ 187 133 24871

2 G4PEO 150 96 14400

3 M0WID 112 79 8848

4 2E0XDZ 80 60 4800

5 G3YSX 69 52 3588

6 M0IJP 55 38 2090

7 M0HQM 27 19 513

QSO Category

Posn Call Hrd by Hrd QSO

1 M0TZZ  346  187  57

2 G4PEO  205  150  44

3 M0WID  227  112  38

4 2E0XDZ  186  80  31

5 M0IJP  108  55  17

6 M0HQM  105  27  12

7 G3YSX  48  69  10

Detailed Report

Tx Category

M0WID heard by the following  227  stations:

['2E0PYB', '2E0XDZ', '2M0HZD', '2M0JAT', '4X6FB', '5B4CY', '9H1US', 'AB1KW', 'AC8Y', 'AE1CW', 'AJ8S/1', 'BM2KVV', 'CA3EVY', 'CR7BAV', 'CT1CXP', 'CT7ARF', 'DARCT13', 'DB0STB', 'DB1NN', 'DB1UJ-1', 'DC1RDB', 'DC5AL-R', 'DC7TO', 'DD5XX', 'DE1TBK', 'DF1GU', 'DF1QQ/SDR', 'DF6NN', 'DF8FH', 'DJ2MG', 'DJ7NT/SDR', 'DK4US', 'DK6UG', 'DK7DE', 'DK8FT', 'DK8FT/A', 'DL0HT', 'DL0PF', 'DL1GCD/2', 'DL2BQA', 'DL3EL', 'DL4AD', 'DL4RU', 'DL5HCK', 'DL7UP', 'DO1EHS', 'DO3RCX', 'DO6LSM', 'E28AC', 'EA4GRN', 'EA8/DF4UE', 'EA8BFK', 'EB5DQ', 'EI2JMB', 'EI7GL', 'EW0NAN', 'EW1LN', 'EW4ALL', 'F1JSC', 'F1RAD', 'F4VTQ', 'F4VTQ/A', 'F4VTQ/L', 'F4WDY', 'F5NKG', 'F5SHH', 'F61695', 'F6BIB', 'FR1GZ', 'G0MQW', 'G2XV', 'G3JKF', 'G3PWJ/KIWI', 'G3VPW', 'G3YSX', 'G4AZL', 'G4CAO-K', 'G4ENZ', 'G4GCI', 'G4LMN', 'G4PEO', 'G4RDC', 'G4SZM', 'G4ZFQ', 'G6AVK', 'G6GN', 'G6KSN', 'G8AXA', 'G8LCO', 'G8NXD', 'G8XWR', 'GB0SNB/SDR', 'GM0UDL', 'GM4SLV', 'GR0MQW', 'GR4FKI', 'HA3PG', 'HB9GVC/RX', 'HB9PAE', 'HB9TMC', 'HB9TTU', 'HB9VQQ', 'HB9VQQ/K', 'HG3PZ', 'HK6E', 'HP1COO', 'I0UVN', 'IK0XFA', 'IK0YUT', 'IU0ORO', 'IU1DZZ', 'IU3EIA', 'IU5MQQ', 'IW2DZX', 'IW3HBX', 'IZ2LQK', 'IZ6QQT', 'JA5FFO', 'JA5NVN', 'JF6XIQ/P', 'K1HTV-4', 'K1RA-4', 'K1RA-PI', 'K1VL', 'K3AV', 'K3FHP', 'K5MO-1', 'KD2OM', 'KERNOWSDR', 'KK1D', 'LA1ITS', 'LA3FY/2', 'LA3RK', 'LB1HI', 'LX1DQ', 'M0HQM', 'M0IJP', 'M0TZZ', 'M0WHU', 'M0XDC', 'M1GEO/SDR', 'M7AZV', 'MM3NDH', 'MM7SHX', 'N2HQI', 'OE1SJS', 'OE3XOE', 'OE6RHT', 'OE9GHV', 'OE9HLH', 'OE9TAV', 'OH1RJ', 'OH3FR', 'OH3NZW', 'OH6AC', 'OH6BG', 'OH8XAT', 'OK1IAK', 'OK2BVG', 'ON5KQ', 'OV7DW', 'OZ2JBR', 'OZ7IT', 'OZ9ACF', 'PA0O', 'PD0OHW', 'PI4THT', 'PP5ZX', 'PT2FHC', 'PU2VLW/SWL', 'PU5XAJ', 'PY2SDR', 'R2FCO', 'R4ADW', 'RU6CH', 'SA1CKE', 'SA6BSS/RP', 'SA6BSS/RX', 'SA7BNT', 'SDRPLONSK', 'SM2IAR', 'SM2YKA', 'SM3LNM', 'SM4JST/RX1', 'SM5-8574', 'SM6FMB', 'SP2LNY', 'SP2SJG', 'SP6ZHP', 'SQ5FLP', 'SQ6XL', 'SQ8IFG', 'SV8RV', 'SWL/TNS1', 'SWL13RHX', 'SWL861979', 'SWLJO43', 'SWLKI88JS', 'SWUKSDR', 'TA4/G8SCU', 'UB1AKX', 'VE3CWM', 'VE3EBR', 'VE3HOA', 'VE3OWV', 'VK3KCX/1', 'VK3KHZ', 'VK3TPM', 'VK5ARG', 'VK5EME', 'VK7JJ', 'W1/AJ8S', 'W1GJM', 'W1SPG', 'W8AC', 'WA1RAJ', 'WA2RKN', 'WA2TP', 'WA3NAN', 'WA3TTS', 'WA9WTK', 'WD4ELG', 'WESSEXSDR', 'WZ7I', 'YL3ANT', 'YL3GU', 'ZF1DM']

M0WID heard in the following  137  squares:

['EK99', 'EL97', 'EL98', 'EN90', 'EN91', 'FF46', 'FJ08', 'FJ24', 'FM05', 'FM06', 'FM18', 'FM19', 'FN12', 'FN13', 'FN15', 'FN20', 'FN25', 'FN30', 'FN31', 'FN33', 'FN42', 'FN43', 'FN44', 'FN54', 'GG43', 'GG54', 'GG56', 'GG67', 'GH64', 'IL38', 'IM58', 'IM67', 'IM99', 'IN51', 'IN80', 'IN88', 'IO51', 'IO70', 'IO77', 'IO80', 'IO81', 'IO82', 'IO86', 'IO87', 'IO90', 'IO91', 'IO92', 'IP90', 'JM75', 'JN03', 'JN04', 'JN23', 'JN24', 'JN28', 'JN34', 'JN35', 'JN39', 'JN45', 'JN46', 'JN47', 'JN48', 'JN49', 'JN53', 'JN55', 'JN57', 'JN58', 'JN59', 'JN61', 'JN63', 'JN65', 'JN68', 'JN69', 'JN77', 'JN79', 'JN87', 'JN88', 'JN96', 'JO00', 'JO01', 'JO02', 'JO10', 'JO30', 'JO31', 'JO32', 'JO33', 'JO40', 'JO41', 'JO43', 'JO44', 'JO53', 'JO56', 'JO57', 'JO59', 'JO61', 'JO62', 'JO65', 'JO68', 'JO77', 'JO79', 'JO80', 'JO81', 'JO89', 'JO93', 'JO94', 'JO97', 'JP40', 'JP82', 'JP93', 'KI88', 'KM07', 'KM56', 'KM65', 'KM72', 'KN84', 'KO01', 'KO02', 'KO04', 'KO26', 'KO33', 'KO34', 'KO36', 'KO59', 'KP03', 'KP05', 'KP10', 'KP11', 'KP12', 'KP20', 'LG79', 'LN28', 'OK06', 'PF95', 'PL05', 'PM52', 'PM74', 'QE38', 'QF22']

G3YSX heard by the following  48  stations:

['2E0XDZ', '5B4CY', 'DARCT13', 'DE1TBK', 'DK6UG', 'DK8FT', 'DL6YCU', 'EA8/DF4UE', 'EA8BFK', 'EC5M', 'F61695', 'G2XV', 'G4ENZ', 'G4KPX', 'G6AVK', 'G8LCO', 'GB0SNB/SDR', 'GM0UDL', 'GR0MQW', 'HB9PAE', 'HB9TMC', 'HB9TTU', 'I0UVN', 'IU1DZZ', 'IW3HBX', 'LA3FY/2', 'LA3RK', 'LX1DQ', 'M0HQM', 'M0IJP', 'M0TZZ', 'M0WID', 'M0XDC', 'OE3XOE', 'OE9GHV', 'OH6BG', 'OK2BVG', 'OZ7IT', 'PA0O', 'SA1CKE', 'SA6BSS/RX', 'SA7BNT', 'SDRPT', 'SM2IAR', 'SM2YKA', 'SM3LNM', 'TA4/G8SCU', 'WESSEXSDR']

G3YSX heard in the following  35  squares:

['IL38', 'IM59', 'IM98', 'IO77', 'IO80', 'IO81', 'IO91', 'JN39', 'JN45', 'JN46', 'JN47', 'JN49', 'JN57', 'JN58', 'JN61', 'JN65', 'JN87', 'JN88', 'JO01', 'JO02', 'JO31', 'JO33', 'JO59', 'JO65', 'JO68', 'JO77', 'JO97', 'JP40', 'JP82', 'JP93', 'KM56', 'KM65', 'KP03', 'KP05', 'LG79']

M0TZZ heard by the following  346  stations:

['2E0ILY/KIWI', '2E0PYB', '2E0XDZ', '2E0XLG-SDR', '2M0HZD', '2M0JAT', '30HS200', '4X6FB', '5B4AIX', '5B4AJG', '5B4CY', '7L4IOU', '7L4IOU2', '9H1US', '9V1KG', 'AC8Y', 'AD4TH', 'BA4XX', 'BH6KWC', 'BM2KVV', 'BV2YD', 'BV5AC', 'BV5ON', 'BX6ABC', 'CE3BSK', 'CE5CSV', 'CR7BAV', 'CT1CXP', 'CT2HMR', 'CT7ARF', 'DA5UDI', 'DARCT13', 'DB0STB', 'DB1NN', 'DB1UJ-1', 'DC1RDB', 'DC5AL-R', 'DC7TO', 'DD5XX', 'DD9LH', 'DE1TBK', 'DF1DR', 'DF1QQ/SDR', 'DF6NN', 'DF8FH', 'DF8JO', 'DG3KHS', 'DH5YM', 'DH8DL', 'DJ1FC', 'DJ2MG', 'DJ5MHZ', 'DJ7NT/SDR', 'DK4US', 'DK5HH/2', 'DK5HH/3', 'DK6UG', 'DK7DE', 'DK8FT', 'DK8FT/A', 'DL0DTM', 'DL0HT', 'DL0PF', 'DL1EHW', 'DL1GCD/2', 'DL1WKA', 'DL2BQA', 'DL3EL', 'DL3IAD', 'DL3NDR', 'DL3ROB/P', 'DL4AD', 'DL4RU', 'DL4XJ', 'DL4ZBE', 'DL5BCT', 'DL5HCK', 'DL5SFB', 'DL6YCU', 'DL7UP', 'DL8FCL', 'DL8SEL', 'DL9DAK', 'DO1EHS', 'DO3BOX', 'DO3RCX', 'DO6LSM', 'DO6RPS', 'E25QOO', 'E28AC', 'EA4GRN', 'EA5IHM', 'EA8/DF4UE', 'EA8BFK', 'EB5DQ', 'EC5M', 'EI7GL', 'EK6RAM', 'EW0NAN', 'EW0NULL', 'EW1LN', 'EW4ALL', 'EW5BL/FK', 'F1EYG', 'F1JSC', 'F1RAD', 'F4HRD', 'F4KJI', 'F4VTQ', 'F4VTQ/A', 'F4VTQ/L', 'F4WDY', 'F5APQ', 'F5NKG', 'F5VBD', 'F5VLY', 'F61695', 'F6BIB', 'F8KGW', 'FR1GZ', 'G0IDE', 'G0MQW', 'G0SEC', 'G0TPZ', 'G2XV', 'G3JKF', 'G3PWJ/KIWI', 'G3VPW', 'G3YSX', 'G3ZIL', 'G4APB', 'G4CAO-K', 'G4ENZ', 'G4GCI', 'G4HZW', 'G4KPX', 'G4LMN', 'G4MSA', 'G4PEO', 'G4RDC', 'G4SDG', 'G4SEN', 'G4SZM', 'G4TRW', 'G4ZFQ', 'G6AVK', 'G6GN', 'G6HUI', 'G6KSN', 'G6MC/K', 'G7PUV', 'G8LCO', 'G8NXD', 'G8XWR', 'GB0SNB/SDR', 'GM0HBF', 'GM0UDL', 'GM4SLV', 'GM5JET', 'GR0MQW', 'GW4MM', 'HA3PG', 'HB3YNV', 'HB9BB', 'HB9GVC/RX', 'HB9PAE', 'HB9TMC', 'HB9TTU', 'HB9VQQ', 'HB9VQQ/K', 'HG3PZ', 'HI0SDR', 'HI0SDR/3', 'HP1COO', 'HS/F8UKP', 'I0UVN', 'I0WBX', 'I4ZTO', 'IK0OKY', 'IK0XFA', 'IU0ORO', 'IU1DZZ', 'IU5MQQ', 'IU6HWW', 'IW2DZX', 'IW3HBX', 'IZ2LQK', 'IZ6QQT', 'JA5FFO', 'JA5NVN', 'JA7KBR', 'JF6XIQ/P', 'JH3KTL', 'K1HTV-4', 'K1RA-4', 'K1RA-PI', 'K3RWR', 'K4COD', 'K4YLP', 'K5MO-1', 'K6RFT', 'KD2OM', 'KD4OTA', 'KF4JU', 'KO4HRW', 'KO4WYO', 'KRSEPRZ', 'LA1ITS', 'LA3FY/2', 'LA3RK', 'LB1LI', 'LU8DZE', 'LW1EAA', 'LX1DQ', 'LY3EC', 'M/PE4K', 'M0HQM', 'M0IJP', 'M0NYW', 'M0PWX', 'M0VBY', 'M0VRP', 'M0WHU', 'M0WID', 'M0XDC', 'M1GEO/SDR', 'M7DOY', 'MM3NDH', 'MM7SHX', 'MW7SIF', 'N2HQI', 'N3PK', 'N5FOG', 'OE1GCA', 'OE1SJS', 'OE2UKL', 'OE3RFA', 'OE3XOE', 'OE9GHV', 'OE9HLH', 'OE9TAV', 'OH1RJ', 'OH3FR', 'OH3FZQ', 'OH3SPN', 'OH5MD', 'OH6AC', 'OH6AH', 'OH6BG', 'OH8XAT', 'OK1IAK', 'OK1UFI', 'OK2BVG', 'ON5KQ', 'OV7DW', 'OZ1AAB', 'OZ2JBR', 'OZ7IT', 'OZ9ACF', 'PA0LSB', 'PA0O', 'PA1EL', 'PA4HJH', 'PD0OHW', 'PE2BZ-KI-V', 'PH4RTM', 'PI4THT', 'PP5ZX', 'PT2FHC', 'PU2VLW/SWL', 'PU5XAJ', 'PY2PE', 'PY2SDR', 'PY5CL', 'R1BEK', 'R2FCE/9', 'R4ADW', 'RA3ROC', 'RA4FHU', 'RU6CH', 'RZ3DVP', 'SA1CKE', 'SA6BSS/RP', 'SA6BSS/RX', 'SA7BNT', 'SDR-JN69BA', 'SDRPLONSK', 'SDRPT', 'SM2IAR', 'SM2YKA', 'SM3LNM', 'SM4JST/RX1', 'SM5-8574', 'SM6FMB', 'SP2LNY', 'SP2SJG', 'SP6ZHP', 'SP9BOT', 'SQ5FLP', 'SQ9SVT', 'SV8RV', 'SWL/TNS1', 'SWL13RHX', 'SWL861979', 'SWLJO43', 'SWLKI88JS', 'SWLVK3', 'SWUKSDR', 'TA4/G8SCU', 'TF1A', 'UB1AKX', 'UN7LCJ', 'VE3CWM', 'VE3EBR', 'VE3HOA', 'VK2EFM', 'VK3KCX/1', 'VK3TPM', 'VK4ECW', 'VK5ADE', 'VK5AJQ', 'VK5ARG', 'VK5EME', 'VK6PK', 'VK6YSF', 'VK7JJ', 'VP8A', 'VP8NO', 'VR2FUN-73', 'VR2FUN-74', 'W1SPG', 'W3ENR', 'W3PM', 'W4WLO', 'WA2N', 'WA2RKN', 'WA2TP', 'WA9WTK', 'WD4AH', 'WD4ELG', 'WESSEXSDR', 'WV5L', 'WZ7I', 'YB3RDW', 'YL3ANT', 'YO3IBZ']

M0TZZ heard in the following  193  squares:

['EL29', 'EL87', 'EL89', 'EL98', 'EL99', 'EM47', 'EM50', 'EM64', 'EM73', 'EM74', 'EM84', 'EM85', 'EM94', 'FF32', 'FF46', 'FJ08', 'FK49', 'FK58', 'FM03', 'FM05', 'FM06', 'FM18', 'FM28', 'FN12', 'FN13', 'FN15', 'FN20', 'FN25', 'FN30', 'FN31', 'FN42', 'GD08', 'GD18', 'GF15', 'GG43', 'GG54', 'GG56', 'GG66', 'GG67', 'GH64', 'IL38', 'IM58', 'IM59', 'IM67', 'IM97', 'IM98', 'IM99', 'IN51', 'IN61', 'IN80', 'IN88', 'IN98', 'IO51', 'IO67', 'IO70', 'IO71', 'IO72', 'IO77', 'IO80', 'IO81', 'IO82', 'IO83', 'IO84', 'IO86', 'IO87', 'IO90', 'IO91', 'IO92', 'IO94', 'IO95', 'IP26', 'IP90', 'JM75', 'JN01', 'JN03', 'JN04', 'JN18', 'JN23', 'JN25', 'JN28', 'JN34', 'JN35', 'JN36', 'JN38', 'JN39', 'JN45', 'JN46', 'JN47', 'JN48', 'JN49', 'JN53', 'JN54', 'JN57', 'JN58', 'JN59', 'JN61', 'JN62', 'JN63', 'JN65', 'JN68', 'JN69', 'JN78', 'JN79', 'JN87', 'JN88', 'JN96', 'JN99', 'JO00', 'JO01', 'JO02', 'JO10', 'JO21', 'JO22', 'JO30', 'JO31', 'JO32', 'JO33', 'JO40', 'JO41', 'JO42', 'JO43', 'JO44', 'JO53', 'JO56', 'JO57', 'JO59', 'JO61', 'JO62', 'JO65', 'JO66', 'JO68', 'JO70', 'JO77', 'JO79', 'JO81', 'JO89', 'JO93', 'JO94', 'JO97', 'JP40', 'JP82', 'JP93', 'KI88', 'KM07', 'KM56', 'KM64', 'KM65', 'KM72', 'KN34', 'KN84', 'KO00', 'KO02', 'KO24', 'KO33', 'KO34', 'KO36', 'KO49', 'KO59', 'KO85', 'KP03', 'KP05', 'KP10', 'KP11', 'KP12', 'KP20', 'LG79', 'LN20', 'LN28', 'LO02', 'LO23', 'MO22', 'NO11', 'OF88', 'OI62', 'OJ11', 'OK03', 'OK06', 'OL51', 'OL52', 'OM64', 'OM92', 'PF94', 'PF95', 'PL03', 'PL05', 'PM52', 'PM74', 'PM95', 'QE38', 'QF22', 'QF32', 'QF56', 'QG62']

G4PEO heard by the following  205  stations:

['2E0XDZ', '2M0HZD', '30HS200', '4X6FB', '5B4AIX', '5B4AJG', '5B4CY', '9H1US', 'AC8Y', 'AJ8S/1', 'CA3EVY', 'CE5CSV', 'CT1CXP', 'CT7ARF', 'DA5UDI', 'DARCT13', 'DB0STB', 'DB1UJ-1', 'DC1RDB', 'DC5AL-R', 'DC7TO', 'DD5XX', 'DD9LH', 'DE1TBK', 'DF1DR', 'DF6NN', 'DF8JO', 'DG3KHS', 'DJ5MHZ', 'DJ7NT/SDR', 'DK5HH/2', 'DK6UG', 'DK8FT', 'DK8FT/A', 'DL0PF', 'DL1EHW', 'DL1GCD/2', 'DL2BQA', 'DL3EL', 'DL3IAD', 'DL3WR', 'DL4EAI', 'DL4RU', 'DL4ZBE', 'DL5BCT', 'DL6YCU', 'DL7UP', 'DL8SEL', 'DM0MAX', 'DM1AC', 'DO1EHS', 'DO2JBB', 'E28AC', 'EA4GRN', 'EA5IHM', 'EA8/DF4UE', 'EA8BFK', 'EB5DQ', 'EC5M', 'EI2JMB', 'EI3JCB', 'EI7GL', 'EK6RAM', 'EW1LN', 'EW4ALL', 'F1EYG', 'F1JSC', 'F4ICI', 'F4KJI', 'F4VTQ', 'F4WDY', 'F5APQ', 'F5NKG', 'F5VBD', 'F5VLY', 'F61695', 'FR1GZ', 'G0MQW', 'G3JKF', 'G3XBI', 'G3YSX', 'G4LRP', 'G4PRJ', 'G4SZM', 'G4WCP', 'G6KSN', 'G7PUV', 'G8CQX', 'G8LCO', 'G8XWR', 'GB0SNB/SDR', 'GM0UDL', 'GM4CCN', 'GM5JET', 'GR0MQW', 'GR7KNK', 'HB9BB', 'HB9GVC/RX', 'HB9PAE', 'HB9TMC', 'HB9TTU', 'HB9VQQ', 'HB9VQQ/K', 'HG3PZ', 'HP1COO', 'HS/F8UKP', 'I0UVN', 'I4ZTO', 'IK0OKY', 'IK0XFA', 'IK0YUT', 'IU0ORO', 'IU1DZZ', 'IU5MQQ', 'IU6HWW', 'IW3HBX', 'IZ2LQK', 'IZ6QQT', 'K5MO-1', 'KF4JU', 'KO4OSA', 'KO4WYO', 'KRSEPRZ', 'LA1ITS', 'LA3FY/2', 'LA3RK', 'LU8DZE', 'LX1DQ', 'M0HQM', 'M0IJP', 'M0TZZ', 'M0VBY', 'M0WID', 'MM7SHX', 'MW1CFN', 'N2HQI', 'OE1GCA', 'OE1SJS', 'OE2UKL', 'OE3RFA', 'OE3WGW', 'OE3XOE', 'OE9GHV', 'OE9HLH', 'OE9TAV', 'OH1RJ', 'OH3FR', 'OH6AC', 'OH6BG', 'OK1IAK', 'OK1UFI', 'OK2BVG', 'OM0AB', 'ON5KQ', 'OZ1AAB', 'OZ7IT', 'OZ9ACF', 'PA0LSB', 'PA0O', 'PD0OHW', 'PH4RTM', 'PP5ZX', 'PT2FHC', 'PU2VLW/SWL', 'PU5XAJ', 'PY2SDR', 'R4ADW', 'RA3ROC', 'RU6CH', 'SA1CKE', 'SA6BSS/RP', 'SA6BSS/RX', 'SA7BNT', 'SDR-JN69BA', 'SDRPLONSK', 'SDRPT', 'SM3LNM', 'SM4JST/RX1', 'SM5-8574', 'SM6FMB', 'SP2LNY', 'SP2SJG', 'SP5CMW', 'SP6ZHP', 'SP9BOT', 'SQ6XL', 'SWL/TNS1', 'SWL13RHX', 'SWLJO43', 'SWLKI88JS', 'TA4/G8SCU', 'UB1AKX', 'UN7LCJ', 'VK3KCX/1', 'VK3TPM', 'VK5ARG', 'VK5EME', 'VK7JJ', 'VP8A', 'VP8NO', 'W4WLO', 'WA2TP', 'WD4ELG', 'WESSEXSDR', 'WZ7I']

G4PEO heard in the following  129  squares:

['EL87', 'EL99', 'EM50', 'FF32', 'FF46', 'FJ08', 'FM05', 'FM06', 'FM18', 'FN13', 'FN20', 'FN30', 'FN44', 'GD08', 'GD18', 'GF15', 'GG43', 'GG54', 'GG56', 'GG67', 'GH64', 'IL38', 'IM58', 'IM59', 'IM97', 'IM98', 'IM99', 'IN51', 'IN80', 'IN96', 'IO51', 'IO63', 'IO73', 'IO77', 'IO80', 'IO81', 'IO82', 'IO87', 'IO90', 'IO91', 'JM75', 'JN01', 'JN03', 'JN04', 'JN18', 'JN23', 'JN25', 'JN28', 'JN38', 'JN39', 'JN45', 'JN46', 'JN47', 'JN48', 'JN49', 'JN53', 'JN54', 'JN57', 'JN58', 'JN59', 'JN61', 'JN63', 'JN65', 'JN68', 'JN69', 'JN78', 'JN79', 'JN87', 'JN88', 'JN96', 'JO00', 'JO01', 'JO10', 'JO21', 'JO30', 'JO31', 'JO32', 'JO33', 'JO40', 'JO41', 'JO42', 'JO43', 'JO44', 'JO53', 'JO57', 'JO59', 'JO61', 'JO62', 'JO65', 'JO66', 'JO68', 'JO70', 'JO77', 'JO79', 'JO80', 'JO81', 'JO89', 'JO93', 'JO94', 'JO97', 'JP40', 'JP82', 'KI88', 'KM56', 'KM64', 'KM65', 'KM72', 'KN08', 'KN84', 'KO00', 'KO01', 'KO02', 'KO33', 'KO34', 'KO59', 'KP03', 'KP10', 'KP12', 'KP20', 'LG79', 'LN20', 'LN28', 'LO02', 'MO22', 'OK03', 'OK06', 'PF95', 'QE38', 'QF22']

2E0XDZ heard by the following  186  stations:

['2E0ILY/KIWI', '4X6FB', '5B4AIX', '5B4CY', '9H1US', 'BV2YD', 'BV5ON', 'CE5CSV', 'CT1CXP', 'CT2HMR', 'DARCT13', 'DB0STB', 'DC1RDB', 'DC5AL-R', 'DC7TO', 'DE1TBK', 'DF1DR', 'DG3KHS', 'DJ7NT/SDR', 'DK6UG', 'DK7DE', 'DK8FT', 'DL0PF', 'DL1GCD/2', 'DL3IAD', 'DL4NAK', 'DL4RU', 'DL6YCU', 'DO1EHS', 'DO3BOX', 'E25QOO', 'E28AC', 'EA5JCN', 'EA8/DF4UE', 'EA8BFK', 'EB5DQ', 'EC5M', 'EI7GL', 'EK6RAM', 'EW0NAN', 'EW0NULL', 'F1EYG', 'F1JSC', 'F5VBD', 'F61695', 'F8KGW', 'FR1GZ', 'G0FGX', 'G0MQW', 'G3JKF', 'G3PWJ/KIWI', 'G3VPW', 'G3XBI', 'G3YSX', 'G3ZIL', 'G4CAO-K', 'G4GCI', 'G4MSA', 'G4PEO', 'G4PRJ', 'G4SZM', 'G4WCP', 'G4ZFQ', 'G6AVK', 'G6KSN', 'G6MC/K', 'G7PUV', 'G8CQX', 'G8LCO', 'G8NXD', 'G8XWR', 'GB0SNB/SDR', 'GM0UDL', 'GR0MQW', 'HB9BB', 'HB9TMC', 'HB9TTU', 'HB9VQQ', 'HB9VQQ/K', 'HG3PZ', 'HI0SDR/3', 'HP1COO', 'I0UVN', 'I4ZTO', 'IK0OKY', 'IK0XFA', 'IK0YUT', 'IK2JET', 'IK6ZEW', 'IU0ORO', 'IU1DZZ', 'IU5MQQ', 'IU6HWW', 'IW3HBX', 'IZ2LQK', 'IZ2QKG', 'IZ6QQT', 'K1RA-4', 'K1RA-PI', 'KC1BVL', 'KERNOWSDR', 'KF4JU', 'KO4OSA', 'LA1ITS', 'LA3FY/2', 'LA3RK', 'LB1LI', 'LU8DZE', 'LW1EAA', 'LX1DQ', 'LY80SG', 'M/PE4K', 'M0BOB', 'M0HQM', 'M0IJP', 'M0OAD', 'M0PWX', 'M0TZZ', 'M0VBY', 'M0WID', 'M1GEO/SDR', 'M7DNU', 'M7DOY', 'MM3NDH', 'N2HQI', 'OE1SJS', 'OE3XOE', 'OE9GHV', 'OE9HLH', 'OE9TAV', 'OH6AC', 'OH6AH', 'OH6BG', 'OH8XAT', 'OK1IAK', 'OK2BVG', 'ON5KQ', 'OZ2JBR', 'OZ7IT', 'PA0O', 'PA1EL', 'PD0OHW', 'PH4RTM', 'PI4THT', 'PP5ZX', 'PT2FHC', 'PU2VLW/SWL', 'PY2PE', 'PY2SDR', 'R4ADW', 'SA1CKE', 'SA6BSS/RP', 'SA6BSS/RX', 'SA7BNT', 'SDRPLONSK', 'SDRPT', 'SM2IAR', 'SM3LNM', 'SM4JST/RX1', 'SM5-8574', 'SP2SJG', 'SP6ZHP', 'SP9BOT', 'SQ5FLP', 'SV8RV', 'SWL/TNS1', 'SWLKI88JS', 'SWUKSDR', 'TA4/G8SCU', 'UB1AKX', 'VK3KCX/1', 'VK3TPM', 'VK5ARG', 'VK5ATN/A', 'VK7JJ', 'VP8A', 'VR2FUN-73', 'W1/AJ8S', 'W4WLO', 'WA2RKN', 'WA2TP', 'WA3NAN', 'WD4ELG', 'WESSEXSDR', 'WZ7I', 'ZS1LCD']

2E0XDZ heard in the following  113  squares:

['EL87', 'EL99', 'EM50', 'FF32', 'FJ08', 'FK49', 'FM06', 'FM18', 'FM19', 'FN13', 'FN20', 'FN30', 'FN31', 'FN43', 'FN44', 'GD08', 'GF15', 'GG43', 'GG56', 'GG66', 'GG67', 'GH64', 'IL38', 'IM59', 'IM97', 'IM98', 'IM99', 'IN51', 'IN61', 'IN98', 'IO51', 'IO70', 'IO77', 'IO80', 'IO81', 'IO82', 'IO86', 'IO90', 'IO91', 'IO94', 'JF95', 'JM75', 'JN03', 'JN18', 'JN25', 'JN39', 'JN45', 'JN46', 'JN47', 'JN48', 'JN49', 'JN53', 'JN54', 'JN55', 'JN57', 'JN58', 'JN59', 'JN61', 'JN63', 'JN65', 'JN68', 'JN69', 'JN72', 'JN79', 'JN87', 'JN88', 'JN96', 'JO00', 'JO01', 'JO02', 'JO10', 'JO22', 'JO30', 'JO31', 'JO32', 'JO33', 'JO59', 'JO62', 'JO65', 'JO68', 'JO77', 'JO79', 'JO81', 'JO89', 'JO93', 'JO97', 'JP40', 'JP82', 'KI88', 'KM07', 'KM56', 'KM64', 'KM65', 'KM72', 'KO00', 'KO02', 'KO14', 'KO34', 'KO59', 'KP03', 'KP05', 'KP10', 'KP12', 'LG79', 'LN20', 'LN28', 'OK03', 'OK06', 'OL51', 'PF95', 'PL03', 'QE38', 'QF22']

M0IJP heard by the following  108  stations:

['2E0XDZ', '2M0HZD', '5B4AIX', '9H1US', 'CT1CXP', 'DARCT13', 'DB0STB', 'DB1UJ-1', 'DC1RDB', 'DC5AL-R', 'DC7TO', 'DD9LH', 'DE1TBK', 'DF8JO', 'DG3KHS', 'DJ7NT/SDR', 'DK5HH/2', 'DK5HH/3', 'DK6UG', 'DK8FT', 'DK8FT/A', 'DL0DTM', 'DL0PF', 'DL1EHW', 'DL1GCD/2', 'DL2BQA', 'DL3EL', 'DL4AD', 'DL4RU', 'DL4XJ', 'DL4ZBE', 'DL5BCT', 'DL5HCK', 'DL5SFB', 'DL6YCU', 'DL8FCL', 'DO1EHS', 'DO6LSM', 'EA8/DF4UE', 'EA8BFK', 'EI2JMB', 'EI7GL', 'EW0NAN', 'F4VTQ', 'F61695', 'FR1GZ', 'G3YSX', 'G4PEO', 'GB0SNB/SDR', 'GM0UDL', 'GM4SLV', 'GR0MQW', 'HB3YNV', 'HB9PAE', 'HB9TMC', 'HB9TTU', 'HB9VQQ', 'HB9VQQ/K', 'I0UVN', 'IK0OKY', 'IK0YUT', 'IU1DZZ', 'IW2DZX', 'IW3HBX', 'IW3HMH', 'IZ2LQK', 'LA1ITS', 'LA3FY/2', 'LA3RK', 'LX1DQ', 'M0HQM', 'M0TZZ', 'M0WID', 'MM3NDH', 'OE1SJS', 'OE3XOE', 'OE9GHV', 'OE9HLH', 'OE9TAV', 'OH1RJ', 'OH3FR', 'OH6BG', 'OH8XAT', 'OK2BVG', 'OV7DW', 'OZ2JBR', 'OZ7IT', 'OZ9ACF', 'PD0OHW', 'PH4RTM', 'PP5ZX', 'PT2FHC', 'SA1CKE', 'SA6BSS/RP', 'SA6BSS/RX', 'SA7BNT', 'SDRPLONSK', 'SDRPT', 'SM2IAR', 'SM3LNM', 'SM4JST/RX1', 'SM6FMB', 'SQ6XL', 'SWL/TNS1', 'SWL13RHX', 'SWL861979', 'TA4/G8SCU', 'W4WLO']

M0IJP heard in the following  63  squares:

['EM50', 'GG43', 'GH64', 'IL38', 'IM59', 'IN51', 'IO51', 'IO77', 'IO86', 'IO87', 'IO91', 'IP90', 'JM75', 'JN28', 'JN34', 'JN36', 'JN39', 'JN45', 'JN46', 'JN47', 'JN48', 'JN49', 'JN57', 'JN58', 'JN59', 'JN61', 'JN63', 'JN65', 'JN68', 'JN69', 'JN87', 'JN88', 'JO01', 'JO30', 'JO31', 'JO32', 'JO33', 'JO40', 'JO41', 'JO42', 'JO43', 'JO44', 'JO56', 'JO57', 'JO59', 'JO62', 'JO65', 'JO68', 'JO77', 'JO79', 'JO80', 'JO97', 'JP40', 'JP82', 'KM56', 'KM64', 'KO02', 'KO34', 'KP03', 'KP05', 'KP10', 'KP20', 'LG79']

M0HQM heard by the following  105  stations:

['2E0XDZ', '5B4CY', 'AC8Y', 'AJ8S/1', 'CR7BAV', 'CT1CXP', 'CT2HMR', 'CT7ARF', 'DARCT13', 'DB0STB', 'DC1RDB', 'DC7TO', 'DE1TBK', 'DK6UG', 'DK8FT', 'DK8FT/A', 'DL0HT', 'DL0PF', 'DL1GCD/2', 'DL3EL', 'DL4RU', 'DL9DAK', 'E28AC', 'EA8/DF4UE', 'EA8BFK', 'EC5M', 'EI7GL', 'EW0NAN', 'F5VLY', 'F61695', 'FR1GZ', 'G0MQW', 'G3JKF', 'G3VPW', 'G3YSX', 'G4AZL', 'G4CAO-K', 'G4LMN', 'G4PEO', 'G7PUV', 'G8LCO', 'GB0SNB/SDR', 'GM0UDL', 'GR0MQW', 'GR4FKI', 'HB3YNV', 'HB9PAE', 'HB9TMC', 'HB9TTU', 'HB9VQQ', 'HB9VQQ/K', 'I0UVN', 'I4ZTO', 'IK0XFA', 'IK0YUT', 'IU1DZZ', 'IU5MQQ', 'IW2DZX', 'IW3HBX', 'IZ2LQK', 'IZ6QQT', 'KO4WYO', 'LA3FY/2', 'LA3RK', 'LB1LI', 'M0IJP', 'M0TZZ', 'M0WID', 'MM0ZFG', 'OE1SJS', 'OE3XOE', 'OE9GHV', 'OE9HLH', 'OE9TAV', 'OH1RJ', 'OH3FR', 'OH6AC', 'OH6AH', 'OH6BG', 'OH8XAT', 'OK1IAK', 'OK2BVG', 'OZ7IT', 'PD0OHW', 'PP5ZX', 'PT2FHC', 'SA7BNT', 'SDRPLONSK', 'SDRPT', 'SM0FRC', 'SM2IAR', 'SM3LNM', 'SM5-8574', 'SP2SJG', 'SP9BOT', 'SQ6XL', 'SWL/TNS1', 'SWL861979', 'SWLJO43', 'TA4/G8SCU', 'UB1AKX', 'W4WLO', 'WA2TP', 'WD4ELG', 'WESSEXSDR']

M0HQM heard in the following  69  squares:

['EL99', 'EM50', 'FM06', 'FM18', 'FN30', 'FN44', 'GG43', 'GH64', 'IL38', 'IM58', 'IM59', 'IM67', 'IM98', 'IN51', 'IN61', 'IO51', 'IO75', 'IO77', 'IO80', 'IO91', 'IO92', 'JN04', 'JN34', 'JN36', 'JN45', 'JN46', 'JN47', 'JN48', 'JN49', 'JN53', 'JN54', 'JN57', 'JN58', 'JN61', 'JN63', 'JN65', 'JN68', 'JN69', 'JN79', 'JN87', 'JN88', 'JO00', 'JO01', 'JO33', 'JO40', 'JO43', 'JO53', 'JO59', 'JO62', 'JO65', 'JO77', 'JO80', 'JO89', 'JO93', 'JP40', 'JP82', 'KM56', 'KM65', 'KO00', 'KO02', 'KO34', 'KO59', 'KP03', 'KP05', 'KP10', 'KP12', 'KP20', 'LG79', 'OK06']

Rx Category

M0WID heard the following  112  stations:

['2E0XDZ', '5B4AIX', '9H1US', 'AE1CW', 'CA3EVY', 'CD3DJL', 'CP6AA', 'CT1CXP', 'CT1EBQ', 'DC7TO', 'DH1SAV', 'DK3DUA', 'DK6IT', 'DL1DUZ', 'DL1EHW', 'DL2JKK', 'DL2WB', 'DL3HRM', 'DL5ALW', 'DL7PR', 'DM1AC', 'DO5CO', 'DP0GVN', 'DP0POL', 'EA1AER', 'EA4CM', 'EA4TK', 'EA5CYA', 'EA6ACW', 'EA6TF', 'EB5DQ', 'EI4GEB', 'EI7II', 'EK1RR', 'EW1LN', 'F1JSC', 'F5APQ', 'F6BIB', 'F6ECK', 'G0MBA', 'G0PKT', 'G0UND', 'G3YSX', 'G4AZL', 'G4LMN', 'G4PEO', 'G4TNU', 'G6AVK', 'G8LDJ', 'G8XWR', 'GM1BAN', 'GM4DTH', 'GR0HYT', 'GR1NZO', 'HA6QL', 'HB9AK', 'HB9AR', 'HB9HJL', 'HK6E', 'HS0AJ', 'IU1DZZ', 'IW4BLG', 'K3AV', 'KJ6CPU', 'LA1ITS', 'LA3JJ', 'LB6UD', 'M0GBZ', 'M0HQM', 'M0IJP', 'M0TZZ', 'M0XDC', 'M1EBU', 'M7AZV', 'MM0TQH', 'N2YCH', 'OE6RHT', 'OH3FR', 'OH3SPN', 'OH5XO', 'OK1IAW', 'OZ1DEO', 'OZ1LIF', 'OZ2JBR', 'OZ7IT', 'OZ8PZ', 'OZ9ACF', 'PS8RF', 'PT2FHC', 'PU3WSF', 'PU5XAJ', 'PY5CL', 'SG2OWW', 'SG7SUN/B', 'SK3PH', 'SM0FKI', 'SM0FRC', 'SM0OHX', 'SM2IAR', 'SM3OMO', 'SM6YPE', 'SM7PNS', 'SO5WL', 'SP2LNY', 'SQ6XL', 'UR5UUU', 'VK2EFM', 'W1TKO', 'W2MV', 'W8AC', 'WA9WTK', 'ZF1DM']

M0WID heard the following  79  squares:

['EK99', 'EN91', 'FF46', 'FH82', 'FJ24', 'FM19', 'FN31', 'FN42', 'FN54', 'GG40', 'GG54', 'GH64', 'GI84', 'IB59', 'IM58', 'IM99', 'IN51', 'IN72', 'IN80', 'IN88', 'IO51', 'IO52', 'IO85', 'IO87', 'IO88', 'IO90', 'IO91', 'IO93', 'JM19', 'JM75', 'JN03', 'JN23', 'JN36', 'JN39', 'JN45', 'JN47', 'JN48', 'JN54', 'JN77', 'JN97', 'JO00', 'JO01', 'JO30', 'JO31', 'JO43', 'JO47', 'JO51', 'JO55', 'JO59', 'JO61', 'JO62', 'JO65', 'JO66', 'JO67', 'JO70', 'JO76', 'JO80', 'JO89', 'JO94', 'JO99', 'JP15', 'JP17', 'JP18', 'JP23', 'JP31', 'JP81', 'JP93', 'KM64', 'KO02', 'KO30', 'KO33', 'KP05', 'KP11', 'KP20', 'KP41', 'LN20', 'LN63', 'OK03', 'QF56']

G3YSX heard the following  69  stations:

['2E0XDZ', '5B4AIX', '9H1US', 'DB1NN', 'DG2MCM', 'DK3DUA', 'DK6IT', 'DL1EHW', 'DL5ALW', 'DL6NL', 'DP0POL', 'EA4CM', 'EA4TK', 'EA5CYA', 'EA5HEU', 'EA5IHM', 'EA6ACW', 'EA6EE', 'EA6TF', 'EB5DQ', 'EI4ACB', 'EI4GEB', 'EI7II', 'EK1RR', 'F1JSC', 'F6ECK', 'G0PKT', 'G4PEO', 'G8LDJ', 'GB8RAF', 'GR2HS', 'HA6QL', 'HS0AJ', 'I4ZTO', 'IU1DZZ', 'IW4BLG', 'LA1ITS', 'LA3JJ', 'M0GBZ', 'M0HQM', 'M0IJP', 'M0TZZ', 'M0WID', 'M0XDC', 'M1EBU', 'M7AZV', 'M7DNU', 'OE1SJS', 'OE3BGA', 'OE3DDW', 'OZ4PAT', 'OZ7IT', 'OZ8PZ', 'PS8RF', 'PT2FHC', 'S77HQ', 'SG2OWW', 'SM0FRC', 'SM0OHX', 'SM2IAR', 'SM3ESX', 'SM3OMO', 'SM6YPE', 'SQ6XL', 'SV1CEV', 'TA4/G8SCU', 'V53ARC', 'VK3KCX/1', 'ZB2TEN']

G3YSX heard the following  52  squares:

['GH64', 'GI84', 'IM76', 'IM97', 'IM99', 'IN80', 'IO42', 'IO51', 'IO52', 'IO62', 'IO82', 'IO90', 'IO91', 'JG87', 'JM19', 'JM75', 'JN00', 'JN03', 'JN23', 'JN45', 'JN54', 'JN57', 'JN59', 'JN78', 'JN88', 'JN97', 'JO01', 'JO31', 'JO47', 'JO50', 'JO51', 'JO59', 'JO61', 'JO62', 'JO65', 'JO67', 'JO80', 'JO89', 'JO99', 'JP22', 'JP23', 'JP81', 'JP82', 'JP93', 'KM18', 'KM56', 'KM64', 'KP05', 'LI75', 'LN20', 'OK03', 'QF22']

M0TZZ heard the following  187  stations:

['0L1UQY', '0V1YMS', '0W1ABT', '2E0XDZ', '4X1SO', '5B4AIX', '8P6PE', '9H1US', 'AC8Y', 'AD4TH', 'CE5CSV', 'CP6AA', 'CS5TRG', 'CT1CXP', 'CT1EBQ', 'DB1NN', 'DC7TO', 'DD9OK', 'DF4PV', 'DF6FE', 'DG1GHR', 'DG2MCM', 'DH1SAV', 'DJ1FC', 'DK2OH', 'DK3DUA', 'DK6IT', 'DK9ES', 'DL1DUZ', 'DL1EHW', 'DL2BBC', 'DL2JKK', 'DL2KCL', 'DL2WB', 'DL3HRM', 'DL4AD', 'DL4JR', 'DL4XJ', 'DL4ZBE', 'DL5AAR', 'DL5ALW', 'DL5SFB', 'DL6NL', 'DL7AG', 'DL7PR', 'DL9DAK', 'DL9HB', 'DM1AC', 'DO3RCX', 'DO5CO', 'DP0GVN', 'DP0POL', 'EA1AER', 'EA4CM', 'EA4TK', 'EA5CYA', 'EA5HEU', 'EA6ACW', 'EA6EE', 'EA6TF', 'EB5DQ', 'EI4GEB', 'EI7II', 'EK1RR', 'EW1LN', 'EX0DX', 'F1EHM', 'F1JSC', 'F4IBN', 'F4VTR', 'F5APQ', 'F6ECK', 'FR1GZ', 'G0MBA', 'G0PKT', 'G3YSX', 'G4LMN', 'G4PEO', 'G6AVK', 'G8LDJ', 'GB8RAF', 'GM0OTS', 'GM1BAN', 'GM3RQQ', 'GM4DTH', 'GM8FXD', 'HA6QL', 'HB3YNV', 'HB9AE', 'HB9AK', 'HB9AR', 'HB9DOZ', 'HB9HJF', 'HB9HJL', 'HB9T', 'HG7RED', 'HS0AJ', 'I4ZTO', 'IA5ITY', 'IK2JET', 'IK2UME', 'IN3HER', 'IQ8SO', 'IU0ORO', 'IU1DZZ', 'IU2PJI', 'IU6HWW', 'IW4BLG', 'IZ2FER', 'JA5FFO', 'K4PQC/A', 'K4YLP', 'KO4WYO', 'LA1HSA', 'LA1ITS', 'LA3JJ', 'LB6UD', 'LW1EAA', 'M0HQM', 'M0ICR', 'M0IJP', 'M0PWX', 'M0WID', 'M0XDC', 'M7DNU', 'MM0TQH', 'NI5F', 'OE1SJS', 'OE1UVA', 'OE2KSO', 'OE3BGA', 'OE6LHG', 'OE6RHT', 'OE6TLF', 'OH3FR', 'OH3SPN', 'OH5MD', 'OH5XO', 'OK1IAW', 'OK2SAM', 'OZ1DEO', 'OZ1LIF', 'OZ2JBR', 'OZ4JJ', 'OZ6TA', 'OZ7IT', 'OZ8PZ', 'OZ8WSP', 'PA0O', 'PD0KT', 'PD0OHW/M', 'PS8RF', 'PT2FHC', 'PU3WSF', 'PU5XAJ', 'PY5CL', 'RA4FHE', 'S77HQ', 'SA6BSS', 'SA7RST', 'SG2OWW', 'SG7SUN/B', 'SK3PH', 'SM0FKI', 'SM0FRC', 'SM0OHX', 'SM2IAR', 'SM3ESX', 'SM3OMO', 'SM6YPE', 'SM7PNS', 'SO5WL', 'SO7NA', 'SP2LNY', 'SP6ZHP', 'SQ6XL', 'SV1CEV', 'TA4/G8SCU', 'UR5UUU', 'US5WBJ', 'VK2EFM', 'VK3KCX/1', 'VK6TY', 'W1/AJ8S', 'W8AC', 'WW5F', 'ZF1DM']

M0TZZ heard the following  133  squares:

['EK99', 'EL99', 'EM22', 'EM70', 'EM73', 'EM83', 'EN91', 'FF32', 'FH82', 'FM03', 'FM18', 'FN44', 'GC46', 'GF15', 'GG40', 'GG54', 'GH64', 'GI84', 'GK03', 'GM77', 'GM88', 'GM89', 'HM75', 'IB59', 'II91', 'IM58', 'IM99', 'IN50', 'IN51', 'IN72', 'IN80', 'IN93', 'IO51', 'IO52', 'IO75', 'IO77', 'IO82', 'IO85', 'IO87', 'IO88', 'IO91', 'JM19', 'JM75', 'JN00', 'JN03', 'JN16', 'JN23', 'JN25', 'JN36', 'JN37', 'JN39', 'JN45', 'JN47', 'JN48', 'JN49', 'JN52', 'JN54', 'JN55', 'JN56', 'JN57', 'JN58', 'JN59', 'JN63', 'JN68', 'JN70', 'JN77', 'JN78', 'JN88', 'JN97', 'JN99', 'JO00', 'JO01', 'JO30', 'JO31', 'JO32', 'JO33', 'JO40', 'JO41', 'JO42', 'JO43', 'JO47', 'JO50', 'JO51', 'JO53', 'JO55', 'JO56', 'JO57', 'JO59', 'JO61', 'JO62', 'JO65', 'JO66', 'JO67', 'JO70', 'JO76', 'JO78', 'JO80', 'JO81', 'JO89', 'JO91', 'JO94', 'JO99', 'JP15', 'JP17', 'JP18', 'JP23', 'JP31', 'JP81', 'JP82', 'JP93', 'KM18', 'KM56', 'KM64', 'KM71', 'KN19', 'KO02', 'KO30', 'KO33', 'KP05', 'KP11', 'KP20', 'KP41', 'LG79', 'LI75', 'LN20', 'LO23', 'MM88', 'MN72', 'OF78', 'OK03', 'PM74', 'QF22', 'QF56']

G4PEO heard the following  150  stations:

['001XCZ', '0U1GFD', '0V1QNY', '2E0XDZ', '5B4AIX', '5B4AJG', '9H1US', 'CE5CSV', 'CP6AA', 'CT1CXP', 'DC7TO', 'DF1GU', 'DF6FE', 'DG1GHR', 'DH1SAV', 'DJ1FC', 'DK2OH', 'DK3DUA', 'DK6IT', 'DK9ES', 'DL0PBS', 'DL1DUZ', 'DL2JKK', 'DL2KCL', 'DL2WB', 'DL3EL', 'DL3HRM', 'DL3NDR', 'DL4AD', 'DL4JR', 'DL4XJ', 'DL4ZBE', 'DL5AAR', 'DL5ALW', 'DL5SFB', 'DL6NL', 'DL7AG', 'DL7PR', 'DL9DAK', 'DL9HB', 'DM1AC', 'DO2JBB', 'DO5CO', 'DP0GVN', 'EA4CM', 'EA4TK', 'EA5CYA', 'EA5HEU', 'EA5IHM', 'EA6ACW', 'EA6EE', 'EA6TF', 'EA6VC', 'EA7KQQ', 'EB5DQ', 'EI0CF', 'EI4GEB', 'EI7II', 'F1JSC', 'F4ICI', 'F6ECK', 'F6IDT', 'FR1GZ', 'G0MBA', 'G0PKT', 'G3JKF', 'G4LRP', 'G4WCP', 'G8CQX', 'G8XWR', 'GM1BAN', 'GM4DTH', 'GM8FXD', 'HA6QL', 'HB9AE', 'HB9AK', 'HB9AR', 'HB9DOZ', 'HB9HJF', 'HB9HJL', 'HB9T', 'HG7RED', 'HS0AJ', 'I4ZTO', 'IA5ITY', 'IK2JET', 'IK2UME', 'IN3HER', 'IU0ORO', 'IU1DZZ', 'IU3GKJ', 'IU6HWW', 'IW4BLG', 'IZ2FER', 'IZ2QKG', 'KO4WYO', 'LA1ITS', 'LA3JJ', 'LW1EAA', 'M0HQM', 'M0IJP', 'M0TZZ', 'M0VBY', 'M0WID', 'M1EBU', 'MM0TQH', 'NI5F', 'OE1SJS', 'OE2KSO', 'OE3BGA', 'OE3DDW', 'OE3RFA', 'OH5XO', 'OK1IAW', 'OK1UFI', 'OK2SAM', 'OM0AB', 'OZ1DEO', 'OZ2JBR', 'OZ4PAT', 'OZ7IT', 'OZ8PZ', 'OZ8WSP', 'OZ9ACF', 'PA0HEJ', 'PA0O', 'PA1VHF', 'PA3AAW', 'PS8RF', 'PT2FHC', 'PU3WSF', 'PU5XAJ', 'PY5CL', 'SA6BSS', 'SA7RST', 'SG7SUN/B', 'SM0OHX', 'SM2IAR', 'SM6YPE', 'SM7PNS', 'SO5WL', 'SQ6XL', 'TA4/G8SCU', 'UR5UUU', 'US5WBJ', 'V53ARC', 'VK3KCX/1', 'ZB2TEN', 'ZB2YN', 'ZS1LCD']

G4PEO heard the following  96  squares:

['EL99', 'EM70', 'FF32', 'FH82', 'GF15', 'GG40', 'GG54', 'GH64', 'GI84', 'IB59', 'IF35', 'II90', 'IM76', 'IM97', 'IM99', 'IN51', 'IN80', 'IN96', 'IO51', 'IO52', 'IO65', 'IO77', 'IO80', 'IO85', 'IO87', 'IO88', 'IO90', 'IO91', 'JF95', 'JG87', 'JM19', 'JM75', 'JN00', 'JN03', 'JN23', 'JN33', 'JN36', 'JN37', 'JN39', 'JN45', 'JN47', 'JN48', 'JN52', 'JN54', 'JN55', 'JN56', 'JN58', 'JN59', 'JN63', 'JN77', 'JN78', 'JN88', 'JN97', 'JN99', 'JO00', 'JO01', 'JO30', 'JO31', 'JO32', 'JO33', 'JO40', 'JO41', 'JO42', 'JO43', 'JO47', 'JO50', 'JO51', 'JO53', 'JO55', 'JO57', 'JO59', 'JO61', 'JO62', 'JO65', 'JO66', 'JO67', 'JO70', 'JO76', 'JO78', 'JO80', 'JO99', 'KB19', 'KM56', 'KM64', 'KN08', 'KN19', 'KO02', 'KO30', 'KP05', 'KP41', 'LG79', 'LN13', 'LN22', 'LN23', 'OK03', 'QF22']

2E0XDZ heard the following  80  stations:

['4X1SO', '5B4AIX', '8P6PE', '9H1US', 'CA7OKD', 'CD3DJL', 'CE5CSV', 'CS5TRG', 'CS5WB', 'CT1BAT', 'CT1EBQ', 'DK6IT', 'DP0GVN', 'EA4CM', 'EA4TK', 'EA5CYA', 'EA5HEU', 'EA5JCN', 'EA6ACW', 'EA6EE', 'EA6TF', 'EB5DQ', 'EI4ACB', 'EI4GEB', 'EI7II', 'EK1RR', 'F1JSC', 'F6ECK', 'F6HCC', 'FR1GZ', 'G0MBA', 'G0PKT', 'G3JKF', 'G3YSX', 'G4PEO', 'G4PRJ', 'G4WCP', 'G6AVK', 'G8AFN', 'G8CQX', 'HA6QL', 'HB9AE', 'HS0AJ', 'I4ZTO', 'IA5ITY', 'IK2JET', 'IQ8SO', 'IU0ORO', 'IU1DZZ', 'IU6HWW', 'IW4BLG', 'IZ2FER', 'LA3JJ', 'LU4AA', 'LW1EAA', 'M0BOB', 'M0HQM', 'M0IJP', 'M0TZZ', 'M0WID', 'M1EBU', 'M7DNU', 'OE3DDW', 'OE6TLF', 'OZ2JBR', 'PS8RF', 'PT2FHC', 'PU3VRW', 'PY5CL', 'SA6BSS', 'SM0VNK', 'SM2IAR', 'SO5WL', 'TA4/G8SCU', 'UR5UUU', 'US5WBJ', 'V53ARC', 'YB3RDW', 'ZB2TEN', 'ZS1LCD']

2E0XDZ heard the following  60  squares:

['FE37', 'FF32', 'FF46', 'GF05', 'GF15', 'GF37', 'GG54', 'GH64', 'GI84', 'GK03', 'IB59', 'IM58', 'IM68', 'IM76', 'IM97', 'IM99', 'IN50', 'IN80', 'IN87', 'IO51', 'IO52', 'IO62', 'IO80', 'IO90', 'IO91', 'JF95', 'JG87', 'JM19', 'JM55', 'JM75', 'JN00', 'JN03', 'JN23', 'JN36', 'JN45', 'JN52', 'JN54', 'JN55', 'JN63', 'JN70', 'JN77', 'JN78', 'JN97', 'JO00', 'JO01', 'JO59', 'JO62', 'JO65', 'KM18', 'KM56', 'KM64', 'KM71', 'KN19', 'KO02', 'KO30', 'KP05', 'LG79', 'LN20', 'OI62', 'OK03']

M0IJP heard the following  55  stations:

['2E0XDZ', '5B4AIX', '9H1US', 'DH1SAV', 'DJ1FC', 'DL2WB', 'DL3EL', 'DL3HRM', 'DL4XJ', 'DL4ZBE', 'DL5SFB', 'DL6NL', 'DL9DAK', 'DM1AC', 'EA1AER', 'EA5CYA', 'EA6TF', 'EB5DQ', 'EI4GEB', 'F1EHM', 'F1JSC', 'F4IBN', 'F6ECK', 'F6HCC', 'G0PKT', 'G3YSX', 'G4PEO', 'GM1BAN', 'GM4DTH', 'GM8FXD', 'HA6QL', 'HB3YNV', 'HB9AE', 'HB9AK', 'HB9AR', 'HB9HJL', 'I4ZTO', 'IN3HER', 'IU0ORO', 'IU1DZZ', 'IU6HWW', 'LA1HSA', 'LA3JJ', 'M0HQM', 'M0TZZ', 'M0WID', 'M7DNU', 'OZ2JBR', 'OZ7IT', 'OZ8PZ', 'PD0KT', 'PD0OHW/M', 'SA7RST', 'SM0FRC', 'TA4/G8SCU']

M0IJP heard the following  38  squares:

['IM99', 'IN72', 'IN87', 'IN93', 'IO52', 'IO77', 'IO85', 'IO88', 'IO91', 'JM19', 'JM75', 'JN03', 'JN16', 'JN23', 'JN36', 'JN39', 'JN45', 'JN47', 'JN48', 'JN54', 'JN56', 'JN63', 'JN97', 'JO01', 'JO30', 'JO33', 'JO40', 'JO42', 'JO43', 'JO47', 'JO50', 'JO51', 'JO59', 'JO65', 'JO78', 'JO89', 'KM56', 'KM64']

M0HQM heard the following  27  stations:

['2E0XDZ', 'DC7TO', 'DL6NL', 'DL9HB', 'EB5DQ', 'F1JSC', 'G0MBA', 'G0PKT', 'G3YSX', 'G4AZL', 'G4PEO', 'HA6QL', 'IN3HER', 'IU1DZZ', 'LA3JJ', 'M0IJP', 'M0TZZ', 'M0WID', 'OE3BGA', 'OZ2JBR', 'OZ7IT', 'SG7SUN/B', 'SM0FRC', 'SM0OHX', 'SM6YPE', 'SO5WL', 'TA4/G8SCU']

M0HQM heard the following  19  squares:

['IM99', 'IO91', 'JN03', 'JN45', 'JN56', 'JN78', 'JN97', 'JO01', 'JO50', 'JO53', 'JO59', 'JO62', 'JO65', 'JO67', 'JO76', 'JO89', 'JO99', 'KM56', 'KO02']

QSO Category

M0WID had QSOs with the following 38  stations:

['2E0XDZ', '9H1US', 'AE1CW', 'CA3EVY', 'CT1CXP', 'DC7TO', 'EB5DQ', 'EW1LN', 'F1JSC', 'F6BIB', 'G3YSX', 'G4AZL', 'G4LMN', 'G4PEO', 'G6AVK', 'G8XWR', 'HK6E', 'IU1DZZ', 'K3AV', 'LA1ITS', 'M0HQM', 'M0IJP', 'M0TZZ', 'M0XDC', 'M7AZV', 'OE6RHT', 'OH3FR', 'OZ2JBR', 'OZ7IT', 'OZ9ACF', 'PT2FHC', 'PU5XAJ', 'SM2IAR', 'SP2LNY', 'SQ6XL', 'W8AC', 'WA9WTK', 'ZF1DM']

G3YSX had QSOs with the following 10  stations:

['2E0XDZ', 'IU1DZZ', 'M0HQM', 'M0IJP', 'M0TZZ', 'M0WID', 'M0XDC', 'OZ7IT', 'SM2IAR', 'TA4/G8SCU']

M0TZZ had QSOs with the following 57  stations:

['2E0XDZ', '5B4AIX', '9H1US', 'AC8Y', 'AD4TH', 'CE5CSV', 'CT1CXP', 'DB1NN', 'DC7TO', 'DJ1FC', 'DL1EHW', 'DL4AD', 'DL4XJ', 'DL4ZBE', 'DL5SFB', 'DL9DAK', 'DO3RCX', 'EB5DQ', 'EW1LN', 'F1JSC', 'F5APQ', 'FR1GZ', 'G3YSX', 'G4LMN', 'G4PEO', 'G6AVK', 'HB3YNV', 'I4ZTO', 'IU0ORO', 'IU1DZZ', 'IU6HWW', 'JA5FFO', 'K4YLP', 'KO4WYO', 'LA1ITS', 'LW1EAA', 'M0HQM', 'M0IJP', 'M0PWX', 'M0WID', 'M0XDC', 'OE1SJS', 'OH3FR', 'OH3SPN', 'OH5MD', 'OZ2JBR', 'OZ7IT', 'PA0O', 'PT2FHC', 'PU5XAJ', 'PY5CL', 'SM2IAR', 'SP2LNY', 'SP6ZHP', 'TA4/G8SCU', 'VK2EFM', 'VK3KCX/1']

G4PEO had QSOs with the following 44  stations:

['2E0XDZ', '5B4AIX', '5B4AJG', '9H1US', 'CE5CSV', 'CT1CXP', 'DC7TO', 'DL3EL', 'DL4ZBE', 'DM1AC', 'DO2JBB', 'EA5IHM', 'EB5DQ', 'F1JSC', 'F4ICI', 'FR1GZ', 'G3JKF', 'G4LRP', 'G4WCP', 'G8CQX', 'G8XWR', 'I4ZTO', 'IU0ORO', 'IU1DZZ', 'IU6HWW', 'KO4WYO', 'LA1ITS', 'M0HQM', 'M0IJP', 'M0TZZ', 'M0VBY', 'M0WID', 'OE1SJS', 'OE3RFA', 'OK1UFI', 'OM0AB', 'OZ7IT', 'OZ9ACF', 'PA0O', 'PT2FHC', 'PU5XAJ', 'SQ6XL', 'TA4/G8SCU', 'VK3KCX/1']

2E0XDZ had QSOs with the following 31  stations:

['5B4AIX', '9H1US', 'CE5CSV', 'EA5JCN', 'EB5DQ', 'F1JSC', 'FR1GZ', 'G3JKF', 'G3YSX', 'G4PEO', 'G4PRJ', 'G4WCP', 'G6AVK', 'G8CQX', 'I4ZTO', 'IK2JET', 'IU0ORO', 'IU1DZZ', 'IU6HWW', 'LW1EAA', 'M0BOB', 'M0HQM', 'M0IJP', 'M0TZZ', 'M0WID', 'M7DNU', 'OZ2JBR', 'PT2FHC', 'SM2IAR', 'TA4/G8SCU', 'ZS1LCD']

M0IJP had QSOs with the following 17  stations:

['2E0XDZ', '5B4AIX', '9H1US', 'DL3EL', 'DL4XJ', 'DL4ZBE', 'DL5SFB', 'G3YSX', 'G4PEO', 'HB3YNV', 'IU1DZZ', 'M0HQM', 'M0TZZ', 'M0WID', 'OZ2JBR', 'OZ7IT', 'TA4/G8SCU']

M0HQM had QSOs with the following 12  stations:

['2E0XDZ', 'DC7TO', 'G3YSX', 'G4AZL', 'G4PEO', 'IU1DZZ', 'M0IJP', 'M0TZZ', 'M0WID', 'OZ7IT', 'SM0FRC', 'TA4/G8SCU']

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